Friday, September 28, 2018

Snorkelling tours in Iceland – One of the best ways to spend your holiday

Traveling and touring with friends and family is one thing that no one should miss. It is something that should be encouraged and enjoyed together. There are numerous places in the world that can be selected for your adventure. You can choose places of interest according to your needs but you have to choose something that is perfect affording to budget and time. Snorkelling tours in Iceland today are one of the best ways to spend time and money, if you are looking for real adventure tour.

Diving in Iceland

There are not so many good places in Iceland than the diving points. Once in a lifetime a person should visit such places where one can challenge life and emerge victorious with their deeds. Iceland is popular for its unique location and beautiful scenario. If you are looking for any kind of water adventure sports then Iceland is your location to visit. Not many countries around the world provide such unique experience on water. However, the strategic location, freshwater lakes, sea locations provide Iceland a unique position to offer such interesting and exciting options like Snorkelling tours and Diving in Iceland.

Snorkeling is the practice of swimming on or through a body of water while equipped with a diving mask, a shaped breathing tube called a snorkel, and usually swimfins. In cooler waters, a wetsuit may also be worn. You can expect the best results with the Snorkelling tours in Iceland if you plan in advance and book the tickets and trip and in advance for a great holiday.

Friday, August 10, 2018

5 Things To Know About Snorkelling in Silfra

In the times of Smartphones and innovative gadgetry, the world seems offbeat about the real experiences of the world. However, there’s a group of wanderlusts who don’t care and carry their calendar filled with expeditions, activities, and adventures. Snorkelling is one of them too.

Snorkelling tours in Iceland

However, not everyone knows much about snorkelling (apart from its definition). There’s a general confusion between scuba diving and snorkelling. We’ll describe it in the following.

1. Scuba Diving is not equal to Snorkelling.

Well, Scuba Diving is a deep-sea diving (more of a tour-like) with necessary equipment, such as Primary Mask and Backup Mask, Fins, Buoyancy Control Device or BCD, Dry Suit, Scuba Regulator, Cylinders, and other devices. On the other hand, snorkelling requires Masks, Snorkels (dry valves), Dry Suit, and a few other gears or equipment.

2. Not all diving packages are the same.

If you think it’s only a simple dive, let us clarify you that it’s not. Each diving tour may differ with respect to the sites, landscape, and other factors. You can find Snorkelling tours in Iceland at a cost of 29.900 ISK or more.

3. No need to purchase the snorkelling equipment.

All tour package providers offer the snorkelling equipment for the dive and hence, you don’t need to buy them. This tour might include hot beverages, snacks, and other items. It’s best to check with the tour operator.

4. You can’t go alone. And without Dry Suit? Never.

If you’re snorkelling in Silfra and wish to explore the underwater landscape, geological formations, marine life, tectonic plates, and other visuals, you need an expert guide by your side. You are forbidden to go alone. And, you can’t without Dry Suit because it’s as cold as 2 to 4 Degree Celsius down there. Do you think your body won’t collapse?

5. You have to sign a disclaimer.

Yes, you have to sign that. It is risky down underwater, even if extreme precautions are taken and rare accidents have occurred so far. You are responsible for yourself.

Monday, June 4, 2018

5 Things You Should Check Before Joining A Silfra Drysuit Course

The fissure between the Eurasian and American continent is a popular location for diving tours. Of course, we are talking about Silfra fissure that witnesses a plenty of divers every day to explore the underwater scenery.

drysuit diving iceland

As you look forward to joining the other divers in the region, you will require Silfra Drysuit Course Certification beforehand. Treading into the deep waters without having the basic knowledge of the dive and diving equipment is dangerous.

When you search for reliable courses, you should note the following things.

1. Certified diving instructor.
Only a certified PADI open water diving instructor is allowed to provide the training for certification. The educational tours will enlighten and aware you of several conditions underwater.

2. Safety guidelines.
You should learn about the safety standards maintained by the diving instructors, especially for a new student. Unless you are sure, you shouldn’t sign for the same.

3. Course inclusions.
Though a similar variety of courses are offered by the diving instructors or schools, you should find out about the course inclusions and exclusions before forming an opinion.

4. Course costs and benefits.
Apart from the course basics, intermediate and advanced levels of training, the courses may feature exceptional activities, such as snorkelling tours, etc. List the courses are financially viable for you.

5. Review/feedback.
If there’s any, you would love to hear that. It is more satisfying to hear that the diving instructors do not compromise on any topic while educating you about the dive, the swim, the equipment, and rest.

Monday, May 28, 2018

5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Diving Tours In Silfra

An Icelandic tour should ingrain what a beautiful place it is. The diving tours, which are famous, offer an opportunity to discover the ethereal, wondrous, and unforgettable beauties underwater. The experiences of the underwater landscape are pure gold.

diving in silfra

With a keen interest to participate in the diving activities, you may check available options on the Internet. And, with our help to know about the ecstatic, fun-filled, and joyous Diving Tours In Silfra, you could go far to book one for yourself.

Know these things and you are ready to explore!

1. Wildlife exploration during the dive.
Over the years, the Silfra fissure has aggravated and tearing away the country due to regular earthquakes. The wildlife in the caverns, especially various fish types will be a lovely scene to watch. With the diving instructor by your side, you may ready yourself to discover the caverns.

2. The cold underwater.
You definitely need a drysuit for this one. Before you are set to dive in the underwater, you will need a diving course  certification for understanding the basics of diving and equipment. The temperature underwater stays in between 2 and 4 degrees.

3. Age limitations.
Well, if you need to be of minimum 18 years of age to participate. If you are in your 20s and 30s, then it is the best time to gauge the fun of Diving In Silfra and other unique freshwater locations.

4. Best timing.
The entire year is considered suitable for scuba diving. However, the experts recommend a thorough study of the weather conditions before treading into the waters.

5. Water visibility.
You will find the Silfra at its clearest all the time. In fact, you can see as far as 80 to 100 meters in the waters.

Give yourself a treat of the lifetime, get a dive in the Icelandic waters!